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April 2017

"The activity therapist was awesome to work with. She was warm, caring, took interest in my needs, and listened to what I had to say. She responded with care - 4 stars." – Male, 45, Addiction Recovery

"The entire staff was awesome from inpatient to IOP." – Male, 43, Outpatient

"I learned so much! Great people, great program. Just great all around." – Male, 37, Outpatient

"I am so thankful to staff here, because I got so much support and encouragement." – Male, 46, Mental Wellness

"I have had a great experience in here. All of the staff was very helpful and understanding. I feel safe here and appreciate everyone's positive productive support. Thank you!" – Female, 48, Mental Wellness

March 2017

"My therapist was very inspiring. She made me want to change my life around, find my passion, and do what will make me happy and less anxious in life. You can't put a price on happiness and sometimes just have to try new things to see what you like." – Female, 21, Outpatient

"You saved my life and provided a playbook to help me sustain and enrich the life that you have given back to me." – Male, 43, Addiction Recovery

"My therapist did an excellent job helping me dig deep and brought to the surface a lot of emotions I was holding onto. She held me accountable when I had an “I can't” attitude. She is very good at her job, and I'm glad to have her as my therapist" – Female, 37, Outpatient

"The staff was very encouraging for us to really dig deep and think about our core problem. They gave helpful feedback and suggestions." – Male, 40, Outpatient

"I was very pleased with the facility. The therapists were great, and I have never been in such a relaxing and welcoming place. Thank you." – Female, 25, Mental Wellness

February 2017

"Once again the staff here is outstanding. I never expected to receive the quality of care that I did. Thanks for getting me where I need to be. Keep it up, you're doing a great job!" – Male, 57, Addiction Recovery

"I am thankful for staff who were very comforting and always there for questions or concerns. I do not think I would have been as successful without them!” – Male, 28, Outpatient

"My therapist has helped me realize so many great things about myself and shown me wonderful ways to cope and assess the events in my life." – Male, 32, Outpatient

"Thank you to the staff who was there when I needed a hug, those who encouraged me to attend all groups, those who always had a smile, and my doctor for working with me and getting me on the right meds." – Female, 54, Mental Wellness

"Very satisfied with the treatment I received. I didn't think anything would help, but Sycamore Springs helped greatly." – Male, 23, Mental Wellness

January 2017

"The doctor and staff were excellent listeners and followed up on all questions and requests." – Male, 64, Addiction Recovery

"Your staff and services truly helped me. I am confident of having a sober life ahead of me." – Male, 32, Addiction Recovery

"The staff and nurses did a very great job and got me back on my feet." – Male, 32, Addiction Recovery

"All staff were great and satisfactory. I would recommend this program to anyone who needs treatment." – Male, 39, Addiction Recovery

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